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In Press: Sacramento Bee covers the USS Iowa

by Craig Hooper on September 9, 2010

I had a chance to chat via email with Sac Bee scribe Jeff Mitchell on the debacle that is the USS Iowa preservation movement. That exchange provoked a


Navy moves to save the ex-USS Iowa (BB-61)

by Craig Hooper on May 14, 2010

A few weeks after disclosed that the group slated to receive the ex-USS Iowa was more hot air than substance, the Navy is now re-opening the bidding process!  It’s nice to know the Navy listens to the blogosphere… [Anybody interested in working to see the Iowa preserved in San Francisco?  If so, let’s talk.  […]

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Is the organization attempting to “save” the ex-USS Iowa (BB-61) telling the truth? With the agreement to shed the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet, the ex-USS Iowa is set to be disposed of in about seven years (by then most of the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet will be gone–and the pressure to shed the few remaining […]

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Ex-USS Iowa (BB-61)…on death row:

by Craig Hooper on April 2, 2010

With the Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration (MARAD) agreeing to remove the 52 ships currently moored in the Suisun Bay, the ex-USS Iowa’s execution will be held by September 30, 2017. That’s the date when the last of the Suisun Bay fleet must go. This is a trade-off. MARAD is responding to a suit by […]

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