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October 2019

SECNAV Meets With Jim Webb

by Craig Hooper on October 28, 2019

So, today, news broke that SECNAV Spencer–who is in a full retreat from his bombastic attack upon the Navy’s friends in Congress–spent some time this weekend with Jim Webb, the only SECNAV who quit the job. Maybe Spencer got some pointers. If you are in the reading mood, I was over at last night […]


Secretary Spencer Needs To Stop His Business Analogies

by Craig Hooper on October 23, 2019

I don’t know where Secretary Spencer gets his business analogies for his “set” stump speeches, but he tells one about the Truman CVN that…is just wrong. And he tells it a lot, too. Somebody do the Secretary a favor and cut the story out of his speeches. I’ve heard it several times; he’ll start talking […]


A Few Updates…

by Craig Hooper on October 23, 2019

Hey, I’m over on, talking about the need to secure the Alaskan EEZ and what may be another Navy attempt to avoid shock testing the USS Ford. Let me know what you think! I am also wondering if the SECNAV is going to say anything interesting when he speaks–and takes moderated questions–from the safe […]

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