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December 2022

In Forbes: Fix The Darn Hospital Ships, Already.

by Craig Hooper on December 22, 2022

Everybody knows that America’s two big hospital ships are largely useless unless lashed to a pier. They’re so big that, if we had to fully staff them, we’d have trouble operating some stateside medical facilities–they are THAT big a drain on the medical community. They’re also too big to work in most ports, and, if […]


Some Fun Coast Guard Reads In Forbes:

by Craig Hooper on December 14, 2022

Over in Forbes, I’ve put up a few Coast Guard pieces–a summary of the USCG funding proposal in the NDAA, and a suggestion that the USCG toss the troubled C-27J MPA for a mix of C-130s and the V-280 Valor, the Army’s choice for a replacement of the epic Black Hawk helo. The first, looking […]


Watch Those Little Cracks Around The Edges

by Craig Hooper on December 2, 2022

In the aftermath of the holidays, a few ugly old Navy bugbears are popping up. In one week, we have a fire aboard a carrier, another leak–this time of some nasty firefighting foam–at Red Hill, a near-collision in San Diego harbor, and now news that four sailors at Norfolk’s MARMC died by suicide just this […]