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October 2010

LPD-17 and the rage of J. Michael Gilmore

by Craig Hooper on October 28, 2010

J. Michael Gilmore, the Defense Department’s director of Operational Test and Evaluation, has the most thankless job in the Pentagon. This guy, more than anybody else, knows where the bodies are buried on various platforms–and nobody listens to him. As a weapons tester and evaluator, he is hated by program managers, dismissed as a cantankerous, […]

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Virginia-class Sub Managers have a truth problem:

by Craig Hooper on October 26, 2010

The Virginia Program Office (PMS-450) has been lying for months and nobody–not anybody–is holding the program managers accountable. Want to know how bad it is? Take this “correction” from the current–October 22–issue of Inside the Navy (behind a subscription wall, sorry). The Program manager cannot bring himself to tell the public–even his own sailors–just how […]


Is something shaking up the peacetime-oriented MSC?

by Craig Hooper on October 19, 2010

As I wrote in the October issue of USNI’s Proceedings, the 30-31 ships of the Combat Logistics Force (CLF) are some of the most important and highly utilized vessels of the Fleet (article .pdf here: Hooper Oct 10). Sink our underway replenishment ships, and our local combatants run out of gas, ammo, food or all […]


Cutting cake with Vice-Admiral Richard W. Hunt:

by Craig Hooper on October 19, 2010

generic cialis The Commander of the Third Fleet–and the tireless ringmaster of San Francisco Fleet Week ceremonies–Vice Admiral Richard W. Hunt, cuts the Navy Birthday cake with the youngest sailor and Marine aboard the USS Makin Island–in front of a hanger-deck packed full of San Francisco citizens. This Admiral–along with the help of a great […]


In Press: Talking memorials in the Florida Times-Union

by Craig Hooper on October 17, 2010

In the crowded world of floating naval memorials, hope springs eternal. In Jacksonville, an effort by the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association to save an elegant former destroyer, the Charles F. Adams (DDG 2), moved ahead, getting support from the Jacksonville City Council. (The picture with the post is the ship as of 2002…a pity, […]


The much ballyhooed Center For Naval Analysis (CNA) report, “The Navy at a Tipping Point: Maritime Dominance at Stake” is not a document that should guide high-level naval decision-makers. As I have written before, the policy suggestions are based on some really questionable assumptions and the report is inattentive to detail. OPNAV NOOX could have […]


NextNavy surrenders….

by Craig Hooper on October 14, 2010

Yep. The guy who hates social media is, after much urging, joining Twitter. Please follow along!


Air Force cedes the Green lead–and the lede–to Navy

by Craig Hooper on October 12, 2010

After experiencing the 2010 San Francisco Fleet Week and observing the “Green Machine” that is the USS Makin Island, I had to wonder just what the heck happened to the Air Force? That military branch was, back in 2006, surfing the leading edge of the Green Wave. But today, the Air Force has entirely lost […]


Well, before one of the more successful Fleet Weeks in recent history winds down, here’s a little summary of what we set out to do, presented by Google Earth…The video is a little rocky, so if you can, run the Google Earth Tour (just make sure your volume for the embedded Google Earth video player […]


Fleet Week returns to San Francisco–bringing the Navy’s newest helos, their newest (and greenest) big-deck amphib, and, well, somewhere in the range of 3500 sailors and Marines. It’s gonna be a great week…And to start it off, I was lucky enough to spend the day aboard the centerpiece of the show, the USS Makin Island […]