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February 2023

In Press: Talking Defense Contracting in Le Parisien

by Craig Hooper on February 24, 2023

I had a good time trading emails with Marc Chalamet, Le Parisien’s New York correspondent, about who might be profiting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Part of the discussion made it into Marc’s latest column, which you can read here. Exploiting European suspicion of American profiteering is fertile ground for Russia’s ever-willing cadre of disinformation […]


In Press: Susan Collins Goes To Appropriations

by Craig Hooper on February 21, 2023

I had a great talk with the Times Record’s John Terhune about Senator Susan Collins’ new role as ranking member of the Senate Defense Appropriations Committee. As always–after watching Richard Shelby run the place for years–it’s interesting to see how a new Senator will craft this role to suit their individual interests. Collins–obviously–is focused on […]