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Israel: A Future Sub Builder?

by admin on August 20, 2014

In the race to keep up with neighboring navies, Israel has taken a prudent middle course, developing indigenous solutions for low-end craft, and reaching out to other nations to provide more complex ships and submarines. Though Israel has done very, very well buying ships and subs overseas–Israel will, within the next few years, begin the […]


In America’s arcane and endless doctrinal debates over amphibious warfare (examples here and here), one constant shines above all–the incessant Marine Corps call for large-caliber fire support from the sea. To “big gun” fire support advocates, the little “popguns” on America’s Littoral Combat Ships, Frigates, Destroyers and Cruisers don’t seem to matter at all in shore […]


There is nothing inherent in the Chinese Navy that makes their fleet more successful than anybody else’s in the world.  By rights, the PLA(N) shouldn’t move the needle; the Chinese Navy is growing, but it is still small, relatively low-tech and untested.  It’s just that the Chinese government has, for the past quarter-century, used their […]


Enter the Littoral Combat Boat (LCB):

by Craig Hooper on February 18, 2010

Israel has a lot invested in doing littoral combat right.  And, right now, the IDF is sending their Merkava Main Battle Tank to sea in LCTs. Rather than call the LCTs mere landing craft, why not call them Littoral Combat Boats (LCBs)?  That’s what they are. Look. There’s plenty for IDF littoral combat forces to […]

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