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In the light of the recent Afghanistan CV-22 crash, reports this interesting CV-22 nugget: “The U.S. Air Force is investigating a CV-22 mishap that occurred at Kirtland AFB, NM, March 2, 2009,” said spokeswoman Col. Robyn Chumley. “At that time a CV-22 assigned to the 58th Special Operations Wing suffered a single engine failure […]

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Osprey Down: Four dead

by Craig Hooper on April 9, 2010

News is sketchy, but reports say that a CV-22 went down in Afghanistan.  Four are reportedly dead, many reportedly injured.  Cause unknown. CV-22s have been the quiet, successful side of the MV-22 story.  Whenever anything looked bad for the Marines’ MV-22, the Air Force CV-22s were out there doing good things. This is, of cour […]

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MV-22: Collapse the battlefield…for this?

by Craig Hooper on February 24, 2010

Somebody tell me why we need to devote a platform–worth tens of millions of dollars–to “collapse the battlefield” for the hapless new Mayor of Marjah? Zahir arrived in Marjah aboard a U.S. Marine MV-22 Osprey helicopter with a contingent of Marine officers and a small retinue of tribal elders who have been living in other […]

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