Virginia Class Subs: A rosy shipbuilding story…or was is all a dream?

by Craig Hooper on July 7, 2010

For years, the Virginia Class has been portrayed as a shipbuilding success story. The subs have been, for years, touted as a model program–one that got the “Submarine Production Procurement Price” down and delivered needed boats to the fleet, are the efficiency chickens coming home to roost?

A June 30 memo from J. Michael Gilmore, Director of Operational Test and Evaluation, makes me wonder. In the memo, Mr. Gilmore says that a 2009 Program Support Review found:

  • Multiple “fail to sail” issues, and test aborts associated with low reliability;
  • No enterprise wide reliability measurement or growth program;
  • Multiple subsystem failures associated with low reliability: AN/TB-29 Towed Array, Imaging / photonics mast, AN/BPS-16 radar, AN/WLY-l sensors, Total Ship Monitoring System, Vertical Launch System tubes;
  • Additional subsystems require reliability improvements (Active Shaft Grounding System, Circuit D, Ship Service Turbine Generator magnetic levitation bearings / throttle control system, etc.);
  • Special Hull Treatment continues to debond from VIRGINIA Class submarines during underway periods, often in large sections up to hundreds of square feet.

This is worrying. The welding issues that impacted the Virginia Class a few years ago was dismissed as a “one-time” problem. But, given this news, the Virginia Class problems sound like they are somewhat chronic and long-standing.

No matter how one couches these shortcomings, it is never a good sign if “hundreds of square feet” of hull materiel debonds underway. That’s a habit only ASW operators can love.

It’s the lack of institutional awareness that worries me. We’ve seen troubled programs like the LPD-17 survive even in the face of widespread and well-known internal issues. That’s official heat I can understand. At least we knew the LPD-17 was a bloated bottom feeder of a program.

But a big grab-bag of operational surprise coming from the Virginia Class? A program that has, up until now, been held out as a model for shipbuilders to follow? It’s a failure of institutional awareness should give the Navy a bit of a pause–you know, a break from DADT or mulling the imminent arrival of women aboard subs. Let’s start focusing on stuff that actually matters.

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