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What Does A $362 Million Hospital Ship Look Like?

by Craig Hooper on August 1, 2020

My hospital ship piece in last week has led to quite a bit of discussion on my suggestion that, at the $362 million price point, the NSMV would be a good hull for a dedicated medical vessel. For a piece that didn’t get a lot of eyeballs/clicks at Forbes, it certainly has sparked a […]


VT Halter Seeks Pricing/Estimating Help

by Craig Hooper on July 28, 2020

So, a few weeks after detailing my concerns that VT Halter’s impressive book of business might have been caught by over-aggressive pricing over at, the new VT Halter President/CEO Bob Merchent is seeking a Senior Vice President of Contracts and Pricing. I like VT Halter–it’s a scrappy and hungry yard, but it has a […]


The fate of VT Halter’s four Egypt-bound Fast Attack Craft vessels is up in the air. If Egypt’s current government continues to discomfit the United States, these small, capable surface combatants just might even end up in the US Navy, serving as a second, smaller repeat of the Kidd-Class (for those who don’t know, the […]