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In this petition, I call upon the King of Saudi Arabia, the Custodian of the Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, to re-invigorate his naval forces! (Editorial Note: It is tradition that anyone can petition the Saudi King, and, given that King Abdullah has been flooded by Western-inspired petitions supporting social reforms and domestic matters, I figured the Monarch might find […]


The announcement that Japan and France are strengthening their military ties should come as no surprise to Pacific-watchers. Both countries have a goodly amount in common, and, though some people will scoff, this relationship will be a good thing for the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Let’s be frank…In Pacific and Indian Ocean Affairs, France gets […]


When Blog Themes Echo Across the Pacific

by admin on December 24, 2013

It is always fun when a mere blog posting echoes about in news stories or in policy. Most of the time it is all just coincidence and means little. But, this time, I’m amused that, after I posted a rather surprisingly well-trafficked post “Just Where Did We Think Japan Was Going…In 2003” that, on 20 […]


I am fascinated by our Capital’s crop of public national security prognosticators.  As these good folks race to produce more “guidance” on how American security should evolve, too few of us take the time to review and evaluate their prior work. That must change. So….Given the rapidly-changing nature of the Pacific, I thought it might […]


Water, is, in a word, important.  Even for an organization that puts “Warfighting First”, water purification and water distribution weighs in at the top of any commander’s list of concerns.  And this is no a trivial matter, as the average requirement for a foot soldier or sailor is estimated to be about 4 to 8 […]


There is nothing inherent in the Chinese Navy that makes their fleet more successful than anybody else’s in the world.  By rights, the PLA(N) shouldn’t move the needle; the Chinese Navy is growing, but it is still small, relatively low-tech and untested.  It’s just that the Chinese government has, for the past quarter-century, used their […]


MV-22 Osprey as Firefighter: Does it Work?

by admin on September 3, 2013

As California strives to fully contain the Rim Fire–now the 4th largest wildfire in California history–it might be edifying to revisit the progress MV-22 has made in integrating with likely Homeland Security/Disaster Response/Humanitarian Missions on the homefront.  We will start with firefighting–can the Osprey fight fires? Asking the question: A few years ago, I wrote […]


MV-22 Osprey Hits Turbulence

by admin on September 1, 2013

The MV-22 Program Office is on an emotional roller-coaster. Early this summer, things were going well.  The Pentagon inked a big Osprey block-buy.  Sales to Japan and Israel are anticipated.  A big Japanese deployment is underway. But then the Program looses two airframes in two months and gets hit with an IG report trenchant enough to […]


China’s Navy: Threat or Not…Yet?

by admin on August 14, 2013

As Japan and China teeter on the brink of another confrontation (this time over how to appropriately recall war dead), it is time to offer a reality-check of Chinese Navy capabilities (you know, for policymakers!). To do that, one of the best public resources I know of is a late-2010 Institute for National Strategic Studies […]


In Press: Talking a balanced Fleet at The Atlantic

by Craig Hooper on March 15, 2011

In my second piece over at The Atlantic, I argue for the under-appreciated do-anything amphibs. You can read it here. But as the budget gets grimmer and grimmer, I fear that some in the Navy are looking to cut amphibious platforms or restrain/downsize the JHSV, LCS or other experimental platforms that may change the way […]