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Bath Ironworks: What’s Next?

by admin on November 13, 2016

Poor Bath Ironworks. Over the past decade, Bath has endured one heck of a fall from grace–going from a favored ship-production site and world-renowned naval combatant manufacturer to, well, something of a demoralized mess. It’s serious. Wandering around the Navy Yard, I have never heard the Navy semi-publicly vent over a shipyard’s attitude and performance […]


Why Fred Harris Matters

by admin on September 24, 2013

I am surprised to see Fred Harris’ ascent to the helm of both NASSCO and Bath Ironworks pass with so little comment beyond the specialist press.  For the Navy, Mr. Harris matters.  He matters a lot–so his promotion cannot pass without note. Mr. Harris is a great shipbuilder, and he has done a wonderful job […]

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The LCS Decision: Lockheed Spins DOD Buzz (UPDATED)

by Craig Hooper on August 30, 2010

If you want to see the latest odd twist on the Littoral Combat Ship contest, go read this piece over at DOD Buzz. It is a beautiful example of Lockheed-generated spin–spin so desperate and contrived I wonder if something happened recently to make the wheels come off the LCS-1 bid. DOD Buzz reports, all in […]