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In the Trump Era, “Big Defense” CEOs must either market themselves as visionary, “national” assets or wait to die under withering attack from the White House. Look, for any defense company has a big marquee program like the F-35, the Ford Class Carrier or the SSBN(X), being a colorless, faceless and largely anonymous means of […]


Can rational DC people squelch those folks who traffic in “gotcha” stories? Today’s AP story on Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus‘ travel habits–written by AP reporter Lolita C. Baldor–is just an outright smear-job. Shame on Secretary of the Army John McHugh and the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments’ Bryan Clark (color me shocked Bryan […]


Big Defense CEOs: Follow Elon Musk’s Lead

by admin on January 2, 2014

Over at TESLA/SpaceX, the power of dynamic, aggressively public leadership is on full display. Elon Musk gets in front of the cameras, engages blogs and even plays in the twittersphere—relishing his role as publicist-in-chief. His name and his hip image are irrevocably melded to his businesses—which are now recognized across the globe. In comparison, CEOs in the “Big […]

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In Press: Quoted In the Globe and Mail

by Craig Hooper on April 6, 2010

And coverage of Iran’s small-craft acquisition continues.  Out of all the rehashing, the Globe and Mail’s Paul Koring generated a standout Bladerunner story, with some interesting info on the Bladerunner craft itself and some added background on the small boat threat: “…The Tamil Tigers attacked cargo vessels with explosives-laden launches with some success. Against Sri […]

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In Press: Quoted In the Financial Times

by Craig Hooper on April 5, 2010

I recently had the pleasure of  talking to a Financial Times reporter about Iran’s appetite for small boats. The story, dealing with the saga of the “Bradstone Challenger“, a Bladerunner 51 speedboat, just hit the press today (and it got some love from Drudge (bottom middle column), so…good times). (.pdf here) I noted Iran’s interest […]

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Taking away Loren Thomposon’s mealticket…

by Craig Hooper on March 19, 2010

…one link at a time!  Good to see the indefatigable Mike Burleson linking in from his weekly big-carrier bash-fest, and glad to see Greg from responding to my Asia shipbuilding post.  Drop me a line, ya’ll. The more new voices out there on defense issues, the better. zp8497586rq

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