Blogger Intervention: Milblogs and anti-government rhetoric

by Craig Hooper on May 22, 2010

This weekend, as the nation mourns the loss of two dedicated law enforcement officers–shot at the hands of anti-government extremists (one suspect served in the  Army Reserves), I want to take a minute to address certain milblogs and anti-government rhetoric.

We milbloggers have a responsibility to be good stewards of civic behavior.  Anti-government rhetoric, “wink-wink” anti-government incitement and calls for violence must not find a place in America’s milblog community.

Please join me in calling out those milbloggers who traffic in anti-American rhetoric.

A few days ago, Chris Carter (aka Crush), part of the collective who post at the popular milblog (a regular finalist in the annual milblog awards), posted this, a creepy anti-government screed:

The IMF suggests our national debt will surpass 100% of our gross domestic product in 2015.

Also states that our debt began sharply increasing in 2006. Wasn’t that when our beloved Democrats took over both houses of Congress?

At some point we must begin to ask ourselves – what is treason? The federal government has done more damage to this country than if the Soviet Union had invaded during the Cold War. Now if we captured members of the Red Army, there would be military tribunals and they would be shot. I am NOT advocating such treatment for our elected officials. However, we should realize the gravity of the situation our nation finds itself thanks to their lust for power.

Is the destruction of our republic somehow more palatable if it is perpetrated by domestic enemies rather than foreign ones?

Creepy, huh?  Not only is the post factually wrong, it’s a thinly-veiled call for violence.

Being concerned, I wrote the publisher/founder of the site, Matt Burden, and expressed my feelings about the post.  What I got back was not something I’d have expected from a patriotic American.  Matt, for those who don’t know, is a former vet. He ran for elected office. He visited the White House. He serves on the Warrior Legacy Foundation.  He is a trustee of Soldiers’ Angels and is a member of Team Rubicon’s Board. Matt even claims he “is currently consulting with the Obama administration on behalf of military a

nd veterans affairs.”

In short, Matt is a guy who makes a good living by dressing up in the U.S. Flag.  And I thought he’d be more than just a little worried.

Instead, Matt waved away my concerns:

“I haven’t checked the site today.  I might not agree with him.  I don’t censor the authors….”

Yes.  Robust Constitutional fare.  All good.  But, you see, a publisher sets and maintains civic standards.

Matthew Burden has chosen his.

And now, two law enforcement officers are dead.  Egged on by the violent anti-government rhetoric sites like Blackfive spew every single day.

Blackfive’s anti-government rhetoric speaks for itself.

And Matthew Burden owns the site.

Let me say again: Promoters of anti-American rhetoric must own their content.

A lot of good veterans serve in law enforcement and in other non-elected governmental roles. Today, two are dead, two are wounded. And with sites like helping, more and more law enforcement and government workers are going to die at the hands of guys misguided by net-based calls to anti-government violence.

I’m worried that guys who find community and strength in’s stock-and-trade of anti-government rhetoric will act upon what they read…

Upset, I wrote the author of the post, Chris Carter, a “warrior” firefighter who directs the Victory Institute, a so called “Christian Organization” that, at present, has a front page story up about how the “UN is pushing for global government through environmental control.”

What did I get from Chris Carter?

I got ignorance seasoned with cowardice.  Here’s what the man wrote to me:

“I write at so many places, and just ripped that out in a matter of about 90 secs while working on another project. Actually I forgot about it entirely until you emailed…”

I can’t believe it.

The guy incites violence and then…forgets it?  At least, back in the day, when folks like Lenin were out there extolling the masses to rise up in global revolution, the men behind such dastardly plans stood by what they wrote.  Old school villains put their lives on the line, quoted their work, and stood their ground.

But a guy like Chris Carter–no revolutionary there–he skittered for cover the moment the spotlight turned to him.  These erstwhile mullahs of the American Taliban…they’re like mushrooms, healthy only in the darkest of corners.

We, as milbloggers and patriots, can’t afford to ignore this talk.  We can’t continue dismissing this unpatriotic behavior as insignificant exuberance.

It is time for veterans, service members, interested law enforcement officers, milbloggers and others to express their concern when they see anti-government, pro-violence behavior on milblogs.

If we–the responsible people–don’t do anything now, how will we feel when a vet in government service (or one of us, even) is killed by a vet who consumed too much of the stuff produces?  Intervene.  Join me.

Cheerleaders for uncivic behavior must be called on the carpet now, today, before somebody translates

this misguided rhetoric into action.


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