VT Halter Seeks Pricing/Estimating Help

by Craig Hooper on July 28, 2020

So, a few weeks after detailing my concerns that VT Halter’s impressive book of business might have been caught by over-aggressive pricing over at Forbes.com, the new VT Halter President/CEO Bob Merchent is seeking a Senior Vice President of Contracts and Pricing.

I like VT Halter–it’s a scrappy and hungry yard, but it has a “boom and bust” record that it will need to struggle to overcome. It’s a great opportunity for the right person, but it may be hard for the yard to recover from past pricing commitments.

Apply for this job only if you have a cast-iron stomach, an appetite for risk and want to help VT Halter with this:

“Overall management of Halter Marine’s portfolio of contracts and pricing administration. Develops estimates for on-going construction programs and develops estimates for new business proposals. Oversees development, implementation and updating of contract administration and pricing/estimating policies and procedures that align with regulatory, contractual terms and company policies.”

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