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Is the West Ignoring Asian Naval Architecture?

by Craig Hooper on June 6, 2018

Asia is in the midst of a naval renaissance. But this renaissance has failed to lead to widespread adoption of Japanese and South Korean warship designs in the West. Why? Not that there haven’t been opportunities for hybridization. But the American FFG(X) program is full of European designs, the Australian Navy has rebuilt their Navy […]


The U.S. Navy’s desire for a direct Navy-to-Navy Hotline with China is not new, and has been articulated every few years to little or no effect. If direct Navy-to-Navy Hotlines between operational commanders have the potential to be important in Asian crisis management, then the U.S. Navy must start leading an effort to 1) make […]


In Press: Talking Shipbuilding with the Seattle Times

by Craig Hooper on January 2, 2011

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Had a chance to correspond with Time Magazine’s Mark Thompson yesterday, chatting about–you guessed it–Korea NEO evacuation.  Looks like General Sharp and I are at odds.  The article carries a great title: Betting the Family on Korea.  Here’s my bit: In light of the increasing banging of Korean war drums, is it time to halt […]


In Press: Talking Korea NEO evacuation at The Atlantic

by Craig Hooper on December 30, 2010

Chris Albon and I have an article up at The Atlantic to discuss the challenges of getting noncombatants out of Korea. Aside from my concern that our NEO evacuation plans (and our misguided effort to “normalize” Korean tours) are unready, under-resourced and poorly planned, I think the entire region needs to do some serious thinking […]


The Pentagon’s wise (yet unpopular) policy of sending troops to Korea alone, without their families, was a direct casualty of the Iraq and Afghanistan war.  And now, as tension ramps up at the DMZ, the wisdom of that old-school wartime thinking is becoming apparent to everybody–even to the Pentagon’s cadre of warrior-accountants. The policy made […]


North Korea eying subs as nuclear delivery platforms?

by Craig Hooper on December 13, 2010

Last week’s breathless Washington Times “Inside the Ring” report on North Korea’s interest in nuclear anti-ship weaponry is unrealistic, but, as much as I hate to admit it, the underlying idea–using subs as a nuclear delivery platform–is plausible. But first, step away from Gertz and his China-based fear-mongering. Let’s drop the Chinese-threat lenses, and realize […]


In the Pacific, the F-35B debacle is a strategic nightmare

by Craig Hooper on November 17, 2010

So here’s where we learn that fluffing up a balky, poorly-managed defense procurement program has serious geopolitical consequences. What happens in Asia if the F-35B program collapses? Well, it could get pretty ugly. For a lot of Asian Navies, the F-35B offers the only viable means to match China’s first steps into carrier aviation. As […]


So China announces, in advance, that a set of naval exercises will take place from June 30 to July 5.  And as expected, China fear-monger Andrew Erickson and the rest of America’s China “threat technicians” are freaking out. And why shouldn’t they?  The idea of China launching an “anti-access exercise” over America’s 4th of July […]

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And in April’s USNI Proceedings…

by Craig Hooper on March 29, 2010‘s Chris Albon and I cooked up a little article on China’s Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile threat. Read it here. zp8497586rq

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