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What Work wants, he gets: The lesson of the LCS Unselect

by Craig Hooper on November 12, 2010

The lesson of the LCS “Unselect” is this: What Undersecretary Robert Work wants, Undersecretary Robert Work gets. (A corollary lesson is that Sean Stackley (perhaps atoning for his role as LPD-17 Program Manager from 2001-5) is the guy who actually does Work’s dirty work, but more on that at in a later post..) It’s worth […]


Austal leadership upheaval: Reading the tea leaves

by Craig Hooper on September 24, 2010

So Austal CEO, Bob Browning, is leaving Austal. As of November 15. What does it mean? As somebody who has written about Bob Browning before–here and here–I can’t resist the opportunity to speculate as to what Bob is up to. In press, the only real hint comes from, that says: Browning, who lives in […]

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LCS-1 turbine breaks…are turbine removal rails AWOL?

by Craig Hooper on September 23, 2010

Sooo…who remembers, waaay back in February 2009, when a desperate NAVSEA was looking to get 3-5 tons off the LCS-1? Remember what they wanted to take out? I do. From Janes: Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) told Jane’s that officials are considering taking out components “that have become unused on the finished ship”. The proposed […]


The LCS Decision: Lockheed Spins DOD Buzz (UPDATED)

by Craig Hooper on August 30, 2010

If you want to see the latest odd twist on the Littoral Combat Ship contest, go read this piece over at DOD Buzz. It is a beautiful example of Lockheed-generated spin–spin so desperate and contrived I wonder if something happened recently to make the wheels come off the LCS-1 bid. DOD Buzz reports, all in […]


The LCS Decision: LCS-2 Will Win

by Craig Hooper on August 20, 2010

Yes, the decks are stacked against my guess, but…I’m gonna put my chips on the table here. I think the LCS-2 will win the LCS sweepstakes this fall. By the end of September, even! First, all that internal volume in LCS-2 has a quality all it’s own. If we plan to use the LCS as […]