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So You Think Bloggers Don’t Matter, Eh?

by admin on October 22, 2013

Think again!  On October 16, my old New Pacific Institute Pal, Kyle Mizokami, published a particularly eloquent piece, lamenting the defunding of the 2013 San Francisco Fleet Week, entitled “Scrapped: The Naval Parade That Brings Military and Civilians Together” over at Two days later, on October 18, the Department of Defense did this, reinstating […]


How can the Navy win a flyover…during a budget crisis?

by Craig Hooper on February 12, 2011

Over the next year, the Navy is gonna learn that a depression makes a bad time to party. Today, as the U.S. Navy prepares to kick-off the ceremony-laden, flyby bedecked Centennial of Naval Aviation with a massive flyby in San Diego, the nation’s “Austerity-First” budget-trimmers are sharpening their pencils, ready pillory the Navy for each […]


Cutting cake with Vice-Admiral Richard W. Hunt:

by Craig Hooper on October 19, 2010

generic cialis The Commander of the Third Fleet–and the tireless ringmaster of San Francisco Fleet Week ceremonies–Vice Admiral Richard W. Hunt, cuts the Navy Birthday cake with the youngest sailor and Marine aboard the USS Makin Island–in front of a hanger-deck packed full of San Francisco citizens. This Admiral–along with the help of a great […]


Air Force cedes the Green lead–and the lede–to Navy

by Craig Hooper on October 12, 2010

After experiencing the 2010 San Francisco Fleet Week and observing the “Green Machine” that is the USS Makin Island, I had to wonder just what the heck happened to the Air Force? That military branch was, back in 2006, surfing the leading edge of the Green Wave. But today, the Air Force has entirely lost […]


Well, before one of the more successful Fleet Weeks in recent history winds down, here’s a little summary of what we set out to do, presented by Google Earth…The video is a little rocky, so if you can, run the Google Earth Tour (just make sure your volume for the embedded Google Earth video player […]


Fleet Week returns to San Francisco–bringing the Navy’s newest helos, their newest (and greenest) big-deck amphib, and, well, somewhere in the range of 3500 sailors and Marines. It’s gonna be a great week…And to start it off, I was lucky enough to spend the day aboard the centerpiece of the show, the USS Makin Island […]


San Francisco Fleet Week is a community effort. Fleet Week organizers (myself included) worked hard to raise the $1.2 million dollars we needed to throw an appropriately-sized gala for the Navy and Marine Corps. Many local companies dug deep. Some gave until it hurt. Everybody from Google Earth to Solazyme to Bank of America to […]


Retired Marine Corps General J. Michael Myatt is organizing San Francisco’s 2010 Fleet Week, and he’s going to follow my April 2009 suggestion of making the celebration an operational event. Here’s what the General sees coming for the 2010 Fleet Week: “We also want to take advantage of the military capabilities for disaster relief for […]

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