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December 2009

China’s anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM) is an untested, largely notional national distraction.  But now that we’ve freaked out–thanks to a ready corps of willing fear-mongering dupes–America is prepping to spend untold billions to defeat ASBMs.  The threat isn’t that urgent.  In fact, we should look to our own strengths and, well, feel a bit better about ourselves.  You see, America is far ahead of China in […]

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Has the Marine Corps manipulated MV-22 safety records?

by Craig Hooper on December 25, 2009

I’m looking at the Final Environmental Impact Statement (Volume II)  for the West Coast Basing of the MV-22.  It tells me, among other things, that, according to the Navy Safety Center’s Aviation Hazard Data Base, the V-22 has not suffered a single Class A mishap since FY 2001 (page 6-239). (the entire set of MV-22 EIS documents […]

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Why salvage assets are important:

by Craig Hooper on December 24, 2009

Divers operating off the USNS Safeguard (T-ARS-50) are quietly getting Saipan’s channel to the point where that delightful isle will be able to host deep-draft vessels.  After this visit–the latest of at least two–the main channel will be clear to at least 36 feet, say the divers:  “… the main priority of this mission is the removal of five […]

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Ahh, The Coalition Life:

by Craig Hooper on December 17, 2009

China and Russia having issues over the continuing maintenance of China’s next fleet.  With 12 Kilos and four legacy Russian 956E/EM DDGs, China is trying to figure out how to best maintain the backbone of their fleet–with Russia, or go solo.  Decisions have been slow in coming, and the two countries, according to UPI, have been talking […]

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